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VP11-BK #1

Photo Image Property Of APT

Cam Shaft MGB & MGB BMC 'b' Series Mild Performance Steel Billet Core Pressure Fed Oil To The Oil Pump Gear. Designed & Manufactured By Apt, This Cam Is Not A Copy Of Something Else. No Exhange Core Required.

Part# VP11-BK

In Stock


  • Heat treated carbon steel cam core
  • "Gun drilled" to take pressure fed oil to the distributor drive gear. (Look for the three small holes)
  • All APT cams are designed & ground "in house".
  • Like all APT cams this cam is ground in house on a chilled iron billet. We design all of the masters for our cams. We use a computer of course, and to get the accruacy 12 place data, like this: 0.000000000001"



B Series Mild Performance Steel Cam, 224 @ 050" Good Idle, Advertized Duration 276 Degrees, Lobe Lift 0.280" Lobe Center Angle 106 Degrees, Normally Timed to Full Lift On #1 Intake 103-104 Degrees. Set Lash Warm 0.016 & 0.018"