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Triumph 4cyl Plug Wire Set

Part# PW-745   More Details...


Rotor 23d Lucas Dist

Rotor For 23d Lucas Distributor
Part# RA1   More Details...


Rotor Lucas 45d Dist

Rotor Arm For Lucas 45d Distributor
Part# RA4   More Details...


Ignitor, Delco D200, Tri Spitfire, Pertr

Ignitor, Delco D200, 4 Cyl. Triumph Spitfire 1149c Pertronix
Part# IGN-6   More Details...


NGK Full Race Plug, Retracted Nose

Spark Plug, Ngk, Full Race Plug, Retracted Not Extended Nose
Part# B9ES   More Details...


NGK Spark Plug

Spark Plug, NGK Hi Performance Extended Tip, Copper Core
Part# BP6ES   More Details...


NGK Spark Plug, Street Perf.

Spark Plug, NGK HI-PERFORMANCE, Extended Tip, Copper Core
Part# BP7ES   More Details...


'b' Series (All) Electronic Vac Distribu

Lucas 45d 'b' Series Electronic Vac Advance Distributor (Connects Directly To Coil)
Part# D45D4-BVE   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Lucas Electronic Distributor MGB

Lucas MGB Competition Non Vac Points Distributor Serious PERFORMANCE/RACE Use
Part# D45D-CNV   More Details...

On Sale

Out of Stock (call for availability)

Lucas Distributor 'b' Series Points

Lucas All 'b' Series 45d Points Type Distributor With Vacuum Advance
Part# D45D-PBV   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)