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Maniflow LCB Spridget Header 1275

SPRITE/MIDGET 1098/1275 LCB Header, 1 3/8" X 11" Primary, 1 1/2" X 21.5" Secondary, 1.5" X 30" Center Pipe, Collect...
Part# EXL9   More Details...


Mga LCB Ex. Header Performance Road

Mga LCB Header, General Performance Use, 1 1/2" Primary, Center Pipe 1 5/8" Collector 2" Steel, Maniflow Quality An...
Part# EXL99   More Details...


Triumph Spitfire 4/2/1 Header Maniflow

Triumph Spitfire 4/2/1 Header, (Known Also As "TRI-Y") 1 3/8" Primary, 1.1/2" Secondary, 1 3/4" Collector, Maniflo...
Part# EXT037   More Details...


Rubber Hanger

Rubber Exhaust Hanger
Part# HANGER   More Details...


Mini Single HIF6/44 In. 30 Degree

Mini Single HIF6/44 Intake Manifold Maniflow Fabricated Steel, 30 Degree, 1.375 Diameter Port At Head Face, We Have...
Part# IM-148-30   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

3.75 'a' Weber Intake Manifold 1.4" Port

Maniflow Weber 40 &45 Dcoe Intake Manifold 3-3/4" Long, 1.4" Port Diameter, Runner Volume 114cc, Vol Per Inch = 30...
Part# MM-3   More Details...


5" Long Maniflow In. Man. 45dcoe 'a'

Maniflow Weber 40 & 45 Dcoe 'a' Series Intake Manifold 5" Long, Runner Vol 142cc
Part# MM-5   More Details...


45 Dcoe Steel Intake Manifold All 'b' 5"

Maniflow Tubular Steel Fabricated Intake Manifold, 1.5" Port Dia. 'b' Series, 5" Long, 45MM Dcoe
Part# MM-5B   More Details...


6" A Web 45 In. Man.

Maniflow Weber 40 & 45dcoe Intake Manifold 6.75" Long, Works Great On A Race Mini Setup, Still Room For A Large K&n...
Part# MM-6   More Details...


"a" Steel 2x Hs2 Intake Man 20 Deg

SUA2-2 Maniflow Steel Intake Manifold, Twin Hs2, SPRITE/MIDGET-20 Degree. With STUDS/NUTS/WASHERS
Part# SUA2-2   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)