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6 Dia 1-3/4 H 1.5" Su H4/HS4 Hif4 Hif38

Su H4, Hif4 Hs4 6" X 1-3/4" Center Mount K&n Cannot Use A Stub Stack In This Style Of Filter, See Apt Stainless St...
Part# 56-1390   More Details...


Su 1-3/4" Hs6 5-7/8"OD X 1-3/4"T

Su H6 Hs6 6"round X 1-3/4"H K&n 2 Bolt Mount (Not Hif Type). Stub Stacks Cannot Be Used With This Filter Type. S...
Part# 56-1400   More Details...


Stromberg 175 CD 1.75"t

175 CD/2 Stromberg, 6"round X 1.75"h W/VENT 3bolt Mount
Part# 56-1620   More Details...


Pancake 1.1/2" MGB

Part# 56-9093   More Details...


Cone Filter Su Hs4 1-1/2" K&n

Conical Filter Su H4/HS4/HIF38 1-1/2" Offset Vertical Center Screw, Replacement Filter E-9156
Part# 56-9320   More Details...


Cone Filter Su Hs6\h6 1-3/4" Sd38

Conical Filter Su HS6/H6 1-3/4" Offset Vertical Center Screw
Part# 56-9327   More Details...


Cone Filter Su Hif44 Hif6 K&n

Conical Filter Su Hif44 Hif6 K&n Filter, With Stainless Steel Base Plate And Lid, Replacement Element E-9156
Part# 56-9330   More Details...


Cone Filter Su Hs2 1-1/4" K&n

Conical Filter Su Hs2 1-1/4" Offset Vertical Center Screw, Use E-9156 Replacement Element
Part# 56-9335   More Details...