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Oxygen Sensor Plug

K&n Oxygen Sensor Plug, Use With 85-21688 Bushing
Part# 85-21686   More Details...


Oxygen Sensor Bushin

K&n Oxygen Sensor Bushing; 18MM WELD/BRAZE Into Collector, Use Plug #85-21686 When Not In Use.
Part# 85-21688   More Details...



K&n Oxygen Sensor Bushing & Plug, 18MM Standard For All Sensors, Bosch Etc.
Part# 85-2440   More Details...


Filter Oil Spray 6.5 Oz Aerosol

K&n Air Filter Oil, 6.5oz Aerosol Spray
Part# 99-0504   More Details...


12OZ Filter Spray Oil

K&n Air Filter Oil, 12.25oz Aerosol Spray
Part# 99-0516   More Details...


Filter Oil Squeeze Bottle 8 Oz

K&n Filter Oil, 8 Oz Squeeze Bottle
Part# 99-0533   More Details...


Filter Oil 1 Gallon

K&n Filter Oil 1 Gallon, The Only Oil Designed Specifically For K&n Filters specially Formulated To Improve Air Fi...
Part# 99-0551   More Details...


Filter Cleaner Pump Spray 32 Oz

K&n Filter Cleaner 32 Oz. Trigger Sprayer, Large Size Refillable Pump Spray
Part# 99-0621   More Details...


K&n Filter Cleaner 1 Gallon

K&n Air Filter Cleaner, 1 Gallon Refill Bottle
Part# 99-0635   More Details...


K&n Recharger Kit W/AEROSOL Oil

K&n Filter Care Kit, 6.5oz Areosol Oil, & 12OZ Cleaner
Part# 99-5000   More Details...