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1275 Mini Prep'crank 1.75" Rod Jour A+

1275 Mini A-PLUS 1.75" Rod RACE-PREPPED Wedged & Nitrided Crankshaft, Journal Size Can Be From STD To .020 U/S -- M...
Part# CRK-001   More Details...



Mini Flywheel BOLT/WASHER, Super Duty HI-TENSILE 190,000 Psi, Wire Lockable Drilled, 37MM Length Under Head
Part# MFWB-1   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Long Magnetic Drain Plug

Long Magnetic Drain Plug
Part# LMDP   More Details...


Primary Gear Front Bush

Primary Gear Front Bush, Press In And Bore To Size
Part# PG-FB   More Details...


A' Woodruff Crank Key

Crankshaft Gear Woodruff Key, All 'a" Series, Not A Standard Key
Part# WK-AC   More Details...


Duplex Crnk Sprocket, 'a' Series

Duplex Crank Sprocket, 'a' Series, Oem 12g1699, Simplex Can Be Converted To Duplex, Change Bottom 2 Bolts To C/SINK...
Part# CG-DA   More Details...


948/1098 Front Cover Felt Oil Seal

948 Front Timing Cover Felt Oil Seal (Early Engs. Only)
Part# FS471   More Details...


"a" 1275 Pilot Needle Brg. .750"o.d.

"a" 1275 Pilot Bearing (Needle Type) .750od, Oem# Ahu1026 Spridget Crank Can Be Bored To Accept. Factory Fitment Fo...
Part# PB-1026   More Details...


948/1275 Pilot Bush 5/8" Od, 1a1559

Bronze Pilot Bush 5/8" Od, 1a1559, Oilite Type (Soak In Oil 24 Hrs) 1a1559 Later 2" Main 1098 Use A 0.750 OD Beari...
Part# PB-474   More Details...