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Tri (All 13/16" Pin) Small End Bush

Small End Bush, Triumph, All With 13/16" Fully Floating Pins
Part# VPS96134   More Details...


Thrust Washer Triumph STD 4/6 Cyl.

Thrust Washers All Triumph With 2.311" Mains, Standard, Late 1300, 1500, Gt6,tr6 (Uses Top Half Only)
Part# VPW12-0   More Details...


Cam Bearings, Spitfire 1147 Early 1300

Cam Bearing Set, 1147 And Early Small Journal 1300 Tr, 1.8420 Id 1.9730 OD All Bearings Are Full Circle Type (Do No...
Part# VP1300TR   More Details...


Thrust Washers 4 & 6 Triumph +0.005"

Thrust Washers For All Triumphs With 2.311" Mains, 1500, Gt6, Tr6 +.005" (Uses Top Half Only)
Part# VPW12-5   More Details...


Tri 13/1500 H/DUTY Main Bearings 010"

Triumph 13/1500 Heavy Duty Main Bearings 010" U/S TRI-METAL, Large Journal Crank
Part# MT91612-1   More Details...


Triumph Late 1300 & 1500 Cam Bearing Set

Triumph Late 1300 & 1500 Cam Bearings. (Housing 2.099" Dia.) Line Bore Block, These Are Interlock Type Bearings, No...
Part# VP1500TR   More Details...


Thrust Wash Tri 1147/1300 Std.

Thrust Washers 1147 & Early 1300 Triumph, Std.
Part# VPW191-S   More Details...


Triumph Crank Pilot Bush 1147-1500 Gt6

Tri Crank Pilot (Spigot) Bush, 1147 - 1500, Gt6, Oem 105143 Oilite Bush, Soak In Oil For 24 Hours
Part# PB-510   More Details...


Tri 13/1500 Rod Bearings H/DUTY 010" U/S

Triumph 13/1500 H/DUTY TRI-METAL Rod Bearings 010" U/S L/JOURNAL Crnk, Lead Copper, Equivalent To Vp2, King
Part# RT91611-1   More Details...


Tri 13/1500 Rod Bearings 020" H/DUTY LC

Triumph 13/1500 Rod Bearings, 010" Heavy Duty, TRI-METAL, Equivalent To Vp2, King
Part# RT91611-2   More Details...