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Ring Set 1275+040 1/16,1/16.5/32 C.i.

Ring Set 1275+040" Cooper S 19320, 21268, 1/16,1/16,5/32 Cast Iron
Part# R4731-40   More Details...


DLC Coated Pin, .812" X 2.25" .125" W

DLC Coated Pin (Most 'a' Series) 0.812", 2.25" Long, 0.125" Wall, Rockwell C 83 Hardness, Can Be Used Without Bushe...
Part# P812-2250-52DLC   More Details...


DLC Coated Pin 0.812"od X 2.5" Long

DLC Coated Piston Pin, 0.812"od X 2.5" Long X 0.125" Wall Thickness, Hardness Rockwell C 85, Ok For Use With Wire C...
Part# P812-2500-51DLC   More Details...


PIST/PIN Wire Lock, For 0.812" Dia. X 63

Wire Type Clip For 0.812: Dia. Pin, 0.063" Wire Diameter, Packed Pairs
Part# PWC827-63   More Details...


1275 Ring Set 1.2/1.2/4 +020 P1275-20

1275 Ring Set +020 1.2/1.2/4, Fits P1275-20, "mega" & "omega" +020 Chrome Top, Ci (Federal Mogul)
Part# R-3379-20   More Details...


1275 Ring Set 1.2/1.2/4 +040 P1275-40

1275 Ring Set +040 1.2/1.2/4, Fits P1275-40, Omega +040 Chrome Top, Ci, (Federal Mogul)
Part# R-3379-40   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

1275 Ring Set 1.2/1.2/4 +060 P1275-60

1275 Ring Set +060 1.2/1.2/4, Fits P1275-60, Omega +060 Chrome Top, Ci (Federal Mogul)
Part# R-3379-60   More Details...


Rings P/MAX 73.5mm Hepolite 1.2,1.2,4 MM

73.5mm Rings 1.2/1.2/4 Mm, All 'mega', Omega,chrome Top, Plain Cast Iron, 3 Piece
Part# R-39390   More Details...


1275 Cylinder Liner Cast Sleeve

Cylinder LINER/SLEEVE, C.i., 1275 'a' Series, 2.88"od, 2.74"id X 5.55" For Std. Or +020" Bore Only
Part# CL1275   More Details...

On Sale

'b' Series 1800 Cylinder Sleeve, 12h888

1800 'b' Cly.sleeve, Size:80.251 Id, 82.918 OD X 153.92mm Long, 12h888
Part# CL-1800   More Details...

On Sale