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Triumph 1.7uhl X 3/8UNF Rod Bolt Kit

Triumph 1300 - 1500 Spitfire 220.000psi 12 Point Rod Bolt Kit, 1.7" Uhl X 3/8" Dia.
Part# BEB-15-8   More Details...


7/16 Unf X 1.250" Uhl F/WHEEL Bolt

7/16 Unf X 1.250" Uhl 12 PT 200.000psi Flywheel Bolt, Great For Use With An Aluminum Flywheel Use Chamfered Washer ...
Part# FB1250   More Details...


Triumph 13/1500 Gt6 Tr6 FLY/W Bolt Kit

Triumph Tr6, Gt6 & 1300/1500CC Flywheel Bolt Kit, 7/16" 12 Point, 190,000 Psi
Part# FBT716-4   More Details...


Triumph 1300/1500 Head Stud Kit

Triumph Late 1300 & 1500 Cylinder Head Stud Kit (10 Stud Heads) 12 Point, 190,000 Psi (Does Not Include Extra Long...
Part# HST425-10   More Details...


Triumph 1147cc CYL Head Stud Kit

Triumph 1147cc Cylinder Head Stud Kit (11 Stud Heads)
Part# HST425-11   More Details...


Triumph Tr7 U/CUT CYL H/STUD Kit

Triumph Tr7 Cylinder Head Stud Kit (Undercut Studs)
Part# HSTR7   More Details...


Arp Assembly Lubricant 1.69.oz

Arp Assembly Lubricant. 1.69 Fl.oz (.5 Ml) Enough For A Fair Number Of BOLTS/STUDS
Part# L903   More Details...


Main Bolt Kit 4 CY Tri 13/1500

Triumph Main Bolt Set, Late 1300 & 1500 (Large Main) 12 Point Bolts 190,000 Psi Tensile And Hardened Washers
Part# MBT-4L   More Details...


Triumph 1300/1500 LRG Main. S/KIT

Triumph 1300 & 1500 Main Stud Kit (For Large Main Engines) 190,000 Psi Tensile, Black Oxide Finish, 12 Point Nuts, ...
Part# MST54   More Details...