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A Series 9 Bolt Head Stud Kit

A Series 9 Bolt Head Stud Kit
Part# 206-4201   More Details...


948-1098CC 'a' Series Rod Bolt Kit 12 PT

948-1098 CC 'a' Series Rod Bolt Kit 1.5 Uhl X 3/8 12pt 220.000 Psi Bolt, Also Fits Some Ford And Custom Rods
Part# BEB-08-8   More Details...


Ford X/FLOW & V6 3.0 Essex R/BOLT

Ford X/FLOW 1300/1600CC & V6 3.0 Essex Eng Rod Bolt Kit, 3/8" X 1.75 Uhl, 12 Point 220,000 Psi Tensile Strength
Part# BEB-09-8   More Details...


MGB Diagonal Rod Bolts 12pt

Arp Rod Bolts For Diagonal Split MGB Rods Fits All Mga 1500, 1600, 1622, 2.0" Uhl, 3/8" 12 Point, 190,000 Psi Tensi...
Part# BEB-12-8   More Details...


Triumph GT6/TR6 Rod Bolt Kit , 12 Point

Triumph Gt6 / Tr6 220.000 Psi 12 PT Rod Bolt Kit
Part# BEB-15-12   More Details...


Triumph 1.7uhl X 3/8UNF Rod Bolt Kit

Triumph 1300 - 1500 Spitfire 220.000psi 12 Point Rod Bolt Kit, 1.7" Uhl X 3/8" Dia.
Part# BEB-15-8   More Details...


1300 'A'SERIES/A+ & MGB 18v Rod Bolt Kit

Arp Rod BOLT/NUT Set 'a'series 1300 Type, Including A+ Also 18v MGB 11/32" Diameter, 2.3" Uhl 190,000 Psi Tensile S...
Part# BEB-1-8   More Details...


Triumph Tr2,3,4 Rod Bolt Kit 12 Point

Triumph Tr2,3,4, 4a 220.00 Psi Tensile, I 12 Point Rod Bolt Kit, 1.75" Uhl X 7/16" Dia.
Part# BEB-20-8   More Details...


5/16 X 1.5"uhl Carrillo Rod Bolt Kit (8)

5/16 Unf X 1.5" Uhl 220.000 Psi 12 Point Rod Bolt Kit,general Replacement Bolt Suits Carrillo Rod With Arp Lube 32 ...
Part# BEB-28-8   More Details...


Jaguar 6 CYL Rod Bolt Kit

Jaguar 6 Cyl. Rod BOLT/NUT Set
Part# BEB-29-12   More Details...