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'b' Series Manifold Stud Long

All 'b' Series Long IN/EX Manifold Stud 4x Per Head
Part# BMS-L   More Details...


'b' Series Manifold Stud Short

All 'b' Series Engines Short IN/EX Manifold Stud 2x Per Head
Part# BMS-S   More Details...


Rocker Cover Bolt, Standard BL A & B

Rocker Cover Bolt For "a" & "b" Series, Standard
Part# RCB-S   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

MGB Valve Cover Bolt Distance Piece

Rocker Cover Bolt Distance Piece For Mgb, ( Goes Above Rcwash Or RCWASH-CR )
Part# RCDIST   More Details...


Chrome Cup Washer Valve Cover Bolt

Rocker Cover Bolt Cup Washer, Chromed, All A & B Series, Can Also Use With # T-BARS For Nicer Appearance
Part# RCWASH-CR   More Details...


Triple Race V/SPRGS, Isky, 'b' Series

'b' Series Full Race Valve Springs, Isky, High Poundage, Double With Flat Wound Damper
Part# VPS-04   More Details...


No Lead Ex Seat 1.125-1.3805-0.219"

No Lead Exhaust Seat Insert 1.125" I.d X 1.3805" O.d X 0.219" Deep
Part# 11213721   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Bronze Valve Guide Manganese Bronze. All BMC/British Leyland "b" Series Eng

B Series 1489cc To 1798cc Bronze Valve Guide Exhaust, 0.3444" I.d X 0.5640" O.d X 2.215" Long
Part# AS21   More Details...


MGB 68-> Valve Lock, Half RND TYP

Keepers For MGB 1968 -> ("bulloc" 1/2 Round Type) (16 Required)
Part# 18KEEP   More Details...


'b' Cast Iron Valve Guide Exhaust

'b' Series Cast Iron Exhaust Guide, Oem #12b1339
Part# CI1800-E   More Details...