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Tri 13/1500 Cam H/PERF Chilled RACE/RALL

Triumph 13/1500 Large Journal HI-PERF. RACE/RALLY Chilled Iron Cam, Nominal 296 Deg. 244 @ 0.050"lift, Lobe Lift O....
Part# TR64-BK   More Details...


6cyl Tri Vintage Race Cam Chilled 0.310"

6 CYL Triumph VINTAGE/HISTORIC Race Cam New Chilled Cast Blank, Duration @0.050" 244 Deg. Lobe Lift 0.310" Lash 0.0...
Part# TR66-BK   More Details...


Tri 13/1500 Cam, Full Race, Chilled 300°

Triumph Race Cam 1300 & 1500 254° @ 0.050" Nominal Duration 300° Lobe Lift 0.325" Time To 102-103° Lash 0.015" &...
Part# TR74-BK   More Details...


Tri 6cyl Full Race, Chilled 254° @0.050"

6 CYL Triumph Full Race Cam New Chilled Cast, Nominal 300° Duration @ 0.050" 254° Lobe Lift 0.325" Lash 0.015" & ...
Part# TR76-BK   More Details...


Tri 4 Cyl, Cam Extreme Race, Chilled L/J

Triumph 4 Cylinder SPITFIRE/MIDGET Full Race Cam, On New Chilled Iron Core. Large Journal, 310 Deg. Duration, Lobe...
Part# TR84   More Details...


Tri 6cyl, Cam, Extreme Race, Chilled

Triumph 6 Cylinder (All) Full Race Cam, On New Chilled Iron Core. 310 Deg. Duration, Lobe Lift 0.340", Lca 105 Deg.
Part# TR86   More Details...


TR2-4A Cam Bearing Set

TR2-4A Cam Bearing Set (All 3 Bearings Fully Interlocked, Not Split)
Part# CB-027   More Details...


TR2-4A Chilled Iron Lifter With Oil Hole

TR2-4 Chilled Iron Cam Follower With Side Oil Hole (1.956" Oal)
Part# CFTR24   More Details...