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Tri 13/1500 1.5 R/ROCKER SET/SHAFT

Tri Spitfire 1.5 Ratio Roller Rocker Set With H/TREATED R/SHAFT, Customer Must Supply Pillars & Adjusting SCREWS/NU...
Part# RRHS-15T4   More Details...


Tube CR/MOLY Tri 1500 P/ROD 5/16 7.812"

Push Rods, Triumph 1500, Tubular Chrome Moly, 5/16" Dia. 7.812" Oal Fits Cup And Ball Same Dimensions As Stock P/RO...
Part# PR-TR1500   More Details...


Titan R/ROCKER Tri Adj Screw

Triumph Roller Rocker Adjusting Screw (No Nut)
Part# RRAST   More Details...


Triumph Crank Gear 13/1500, & All 6 Cyl.

Duplex Crank Gear Triumph, Late 1300/1500 6 Cyl. Oem 145864, Use With: Cam Gear #cms55, Timing Chain #TC-TD, Tensio...
Part# CG-T6   More Details...


Triumph Gt6tr6 1500 Double Row Cam Gear

Triumph Gt6, Tr6, 1500, Double Row Cam Timing Gear, Oem #145865 Use With Crank Gear #CG-T6 And Duplex Chain #TC-TD
Part# CMS-55   More Details...


Push Rod Triumph 1300 7.783" Oal

Triumph 1147/1300 Push Rod, Nominal 7.783" Oal., 0.25" Dia. (For Reference A 1500 Push Rod Is 7.844" Oal)
Part# PR-1300TR   More Details...


Push Rod Triumph 1500 Std. 157508z

Triumph 1500 Std. Push Rod. 7.844" Oal, 0.250" Dia. (Oem#157508z) For Chrome Moly Tubular See #PR-TR1500
Part# PR1500   More Details...


Tri Std. Ratio Rocker Arm 'odd' R/HAND

Triumph Std. Ratio Rocker Arm, Spitfire, Midget, All 6 Cylinder. 'odd' Right Hand With Screw & Nut
Part# RA-1150   More Details...


Tri L/H Forged Rocker Arm Std. Ratio

Triumph Left Hand Forged Rocker Std. Ratio With Adjuster & Nut, Suggest Plasma Ion Nitrided Rocker Shaft
Part# RA-1151   More Details...


Tri 1147/1300 Rocker Shaft Std.

Triumph 1147 Rocker Shaft Std. Diameter 0.560", Oal Approx 12.88" Slightly Shorter Than 13/1500 Shaft.
Part# RS-1147   More Details...