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A & B Series Super Duty Cam Followers #8

Super Duty Lifter, 'a' & 'b' Series, Oil Hole, Phosphate Coated Face Hardness Rc63 & Has Correct Face Radius To Wor...
Part# CF-04   More Details...


Tube Chrome Moly 1275 Pushrod 5/16" Dia.

Push Rod, 1275, Tubular Chrome Moly, 5/16" Dia. 8.7" Oal. 0.049" Wall Thickness, Cup Rad 11/64" Ball Rad. 1/2". We ...
Part# PR-BB   More Details...


P/ROD C/MOLY 'a' Series Reduced Top 1275

Tubular Chrome Moly P/ROD Set, "a" 1275, 8.7" Oal, 5/16" Necked At Top To (0.266") To Increase Clearance Of Rod To ...
Part# PR-BB-SP   More Details...


Tubular Chrome Moly 948/1098 P/ROD 5/16Ø

Push Rods, 948/1098 Tubular Chrome Moly, 5/16" Dia. 8.437" Length, Set. Custom Lengths Available Special Order, For...
Part# PR-SB   More Details...


Chrome Moly 948/1098 P/ROD 5/16"Ø "sp"

Push Rod, 948/1098 Tubular Chrome Moly, 5/16" Dia. 8.437" Oal Length, Necked Down To 0.266"Ø For Additional Head T...
Part# PR-SB-SP   More Details...


All 'a' & 'b' Series Cam Follower (Bmc)

Cam FOLLOWERS/LIFTERS For 'a' & Late 'b' Series
Part# CF01   More Details...


1275 STD Push Rod, 8.735" Oal Aeg314

1275 A Series Std. Push Rod, 8.735" Oal Aeg314
Part# PR1275   More Details...


948/1098 STD Push Rod, 8.455" Oal

948/1098 Std. Push Rod, 8.455" Oal, 0.250" Dia.
Part# PR948   More Details...