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Oil Pressure REL/SPRING Spit, Gt6, Tr6

Oil Pressure Relief Spring, Heavy Duty For Spit, Gt6, Tr6
Part# OPRSTR   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Oil Pres Relief Valve Spit, GT/TR6

Oil Pressure Relief Valve, Spit, Gt6, Tr6
Part# OPRVTR   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Triumph Crank Pilot Bush 1147-1500 Gt6

Tri Crank Pilot (Spigot) Bush, 1147 - 1500, Gt6, Oem 105143 Oilite Bush, Soak In Oil For 24 Hours
Part# PB-510   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Tri Tr6 Pre 73 Std. P/ROD 8.15" Oal

Triumph Std. Push Rods, Pre 1973 Tr6, All Gt6, 8.15" Oal (Oem#149513z) For Slightly Longer Push Rods 8.304" Use #pr...
Part# PR2500   More Details...


Push Rod Tr6, 73 On, 8.304" Oal

Tr6 Push Rod, 1973 And Later, 8.304" Oal. Use On 1973 On Where The Head Has Not Been Skimmed Much
Part# PR2600   More Details...


Tri Std. Ratio Rocker Arm 'odd' R/HAND

Triumph Std. Ratio Rocker Arm, Spitfire, Midget, All 6 Cylinder. 'odd' Right Hand With Screw & Nut
Part# RA-1150   More Details...


Tri L/H Forged Rocker Arm Std. Ratio

Triumph Left Hand Forged Rocker Std. Ratio With Adjuster & Nut, Suggest Plasma Ion Nitrided Rocker Shaft
Part# RA-1151   More Details...


Tri 6 STD Rocker Shaft (Not Mki) 214559z

Rocker Shaft Triumph 6-CYL Standard (Not Mki), 214559z For Nitrided Version #RST-06
Part# RS-06   More Details...


Tri 6 Cyl. Rod Bearings, 010" H/DUTY LC

Tr6, Gt6 Rod Bearings, 010" Heavy Duty, LEAD/COPPER, Vp2 Equivalent, King
Part# RT91252-1   More Details...


Tr6 Gt6 Rod Bearings, 020", H/DUTY LC

Tr6 Gt6 Rod Bearings, 020" Heavy Duty, LEAD/COPPER, Vp2 Equivalent, King
Part# RT91252-2   More Details...