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Freeze Plug 1275, 1.3125" Cup

Freeze Plug 1275cc Engines, 1.3125" Cup Type 1-5/16" (#5 Per Eng.)
Part# CP-104   More Details...


Freeze Plug 1.25" Cup Type

Freeze Plug 1.25" Cup Type
Part# CP-125   More Details...


Freeze Plug 1.5" Dia. Cup Type

Freeze Plug (Core Plug) Cup Type 1.5" Dia. Tri 4 Other Apps.
Part# CP-150   More Details...


Freeze Plug 1.625" Cup Type

Freeze (Core) Plug 1.625" Dia. Cup Type
Part# CP-1625   More Details...


Freeze Plug 2" Cup Type

Freeze Plug 2" Cup Type
Part# CP-200   More Details...


Freeze Plug 2" Dia. Welsh Type

Freeze Plug 2" Dia. Welsh Type Fits Tri Rear Cam Bearing
Part# CPW-200   More Details...


165f Thermostat , Fits All, 74c

Thermostat 165 Degree, Fits All, 74c
Part# TH165F   More Details...


180f Thermostat , Fits All, 82c

Thermostat 180f Degree, Fits All, Standard Temp, 82c
Part# TH180F   More Details...


190f Thermostat , Fits All, 88c

Thermostat 190f Degree, Fits All, Winter Temp, 88c
Part# TH190F   More Details...


A Series Water Pump Gasket

Water Pump Gasket, All 'a' Series
Part# WPG-A   More Details...