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Su THROTTLE/CHOKE Return Spring 3" Long

Su Carb Throttle & Choke Return Spring 3" Long. Generally Goes From Throttle Or Choke Link Arm To Bottom Of Heat Sh...
Part# AEC2075   More Details...


Su Spindle Lock Tab

HS Throttle Spindle Nut Lock Tab, Sold Each, Use With Spindle Nut #auc1424
Part# AUD3323   More Details...


Hs2 STD Throttle Shaft

Throttle Shaft, Hs2 STD Diameter ( .248" OD )
Part# TS-HS2S   More Details...


Choke Link 'starlock' Retainer

Choke Link Starlock Retaining Clip Used On Bent Wire Type Links For Retention, Sold Each
Part# AUC5002   More Details...


Long Nylon Throttle Cable

Long Nylon Throttle Cable, Over 5" Longer Than Std, O.k For Weber Or Su Fittings
Part# TC-85L   More Details...


Su Link Kit A Series W/2X HS2/HS4

Linkage Kit Hs2 (Choke & Throttle) Shaft Length 2.285" Check Length Required Prior To Order, Longer Shafts Can Alw...
Part# WZX872   More Details...


Su Link Kit 2x Hs4 Shaft Len. 3.25"

Su Linkage Kit Twin Hs4 (Throttle & Choke) Shaft = 3.25" Apt Has Methods For Adapting To Any Required Shaft Length....
Part# WZX873   More Details...


Throttle Cable Hif

Throttle Cable For Hif Su, Fits CP-00 H/SHIELD Plt. ( Metro 23.5" Long )
Part# TC-7912   More Details...


1/4"ID Su Throttle Shaft Bush Hs2

Hs2 Throttle Shaft Bush, 1/4" Id. Will Require A Piloted Reamer To Install, And May Need A Final Ream Once Installe...
Part# AUD3079   More Details...


Throttle Cable Locating Plate

Throttle Cable Locating Plate, Oem# 12a259 Used On Nearly All Oem Intake Manifolds, And Many Aftermarket. This Is W...
Part# 12A259   More Details...