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Screw Jet Adjusting

Bottom Bearing Fits H Type Carbs. (Not Thermo) Thread On The Bottom Is Where The Jet Adjusting Nut Goes
Part# AUC3231   More Details...


Su H8 Eyebolt Type Jet .125"

Su H8 Eyebolt Type Jet .125 Same For Left And Right (Size Should Be Marked On Jet)
Part# AUC4185   More Details...


HD6/8 Diaphram Jet - 0.100" Needle

Su Hd6, Some Hd8 Diaphram Type 0.100" Jet.has "1" Stamped On Jet Collar
Part# AUC8155   More Details...


Hd8 Diaphram Jet - 0.125" Needle

Su Hd8 Diaphram Type 0.125" Jet
Part# AUC8156   More Details...


Su H2/4 .090" Jet

Jet Su H2, H4 .090"
Part# AUC8182   More Details...


Su H Type .100" Jet

Jet Su H Type , .100"
Part# AUC8183   More Details...


HS 090" Jet 30 Deg. R/HAND, M/MINOR Mini

HS Jet, 090", For 30 Degree Float Bowl Angle, Such As Morris Minor & Mini, Color Band BLACK/WHITE, Right Hand, Incl...
Part# AUD9098   More Details...


3 Pcs. Wrench Set For Type H & HS Carbs

Su Carb 3 Pc. Wrench Set
Part# AUE670   More Details...


Hs8 Jet Assembly 0.125" GRN/ORNG

Hs8 Jet Assembly, 0.125" L/HAND, Horizontal F/BOWL, ORANGE/GREEN
Part# CUD2706   More Details...


Hs8 Jet Assembly 0.125" PNK/ORNG

Hs8 Jet Assembly, 0.125" R/HAND, Horizontal F/BOWL, ORANGE/PINK
Part# CUD2707   More Details...