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Fuel Tee, 5/16" For Push Hose, Steel

Fuel Tee, For 5/16" Push On Fuel Hose, Steel Fitting, For 1/4" 't' See #abf350
Part# ABF170   More Details...


Adaptor, Bias to Fixed Needle, All Su

Bias Type Needle To Fixed Needle Adaptor Plug (Uses The Original Locking Screw.) There Are More Needles Available I...
Part# ABF193   More Details...


Brass 't For 1/4" Fuel Line Solder

Brass Tee For 1/4" Fuel Line, Brass, Solder Type, Use Nipple Part Number Abf299 QTY 3 Required, For 5/16" 't' See P...
Part# ABF350   More Details...


H/HD (T2) Float Bowl Lid Gasket 2 1/4"

H & HD Type (T2) Float Bowl Lid Gasket, Most Common Size Of Float Bowl 2 3/8" Diameter (For T1 1 3/4" #auc1412 For ...
Part# AUC1147   More Details...


Float Lid Nut, Short, Polished Brass H

Su Float Lid Nut, Short, Polished Brass, H, HD For Use With Vented Float Bowl Lid Only (Lid Part# Auc1245)
Part# AUC1163B   More Details...


H, Hs, HD 8 Oz Piston SPRING- 'yellow'

'yellow' Damper Spring, 8OZ H, Hs, HD Type. Specification: Load At Length 8OZ @ 2.750" (See Also: Auc4587 2.5oz, Au...
Part# AUC1167   More Details...


Piston Spring 'green' 12OZ @ 3"

Su Piston Spring, 'green' 12 Oz @ 3.00" Fits All H HS HD & Hif6 Carbs Except 2" Carbs. (See Also: Auc4587 2.5oz, Au...
Part# AUC1170   More Details...


Su Throttle Disc Screw (All) Split End

Su Throttle Disc Screw (All), Split End. Never Reuse Old Screws. Throttle Shaft Screw
Part# AUC1358   More Details...


Brass Clamp On Lever Straight 1" Centers

Su Straight Brass Spring Return Lever 1" Center 5/16 At LG End 3/16 S
Part# AUC1500   More Details...


Alloy Sealing Washer, F/BOWL Bolt

Alloy Sealing Washer, For Top Of Float Bowl Lid Bolt (Auc1867b)
Part# AUC1557   More Details...