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Heat Shield, HIF6/HIF44 Reconditioned

Heat Shield, Single HIF6/44 Su (Holds CHOKE/CABLE Also) Reconditioned, Original Is No Longer Available, See Stainle...
Part# CP-00   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Adaptor, Bias to Fixed Needle, All Su

Bias Type Needle To Fixed Needle Adaptor Plug (Uses The Original Locking Screw.) There Are More Needles Available I...
Part# ABF193   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Piston Spring 'green' 12OZ @ 3"

Su Piston Spring, 'green' 12 Oz @ 3.00" Fits All H HS HD & Hif6 Carbs Except 2" Carbs. (See Also: Auc4587 2.5oz, Au...
Part# AUC1170   More Details...


HS/H/HD Dash Pot Spring 18OZ BLUE/RED

HS/H/HD Dash Pot Spring 18OZ @3.875" BLUE/RED, Also HIF4/6 (Strongest Available). We Find Damper Springs Are Most E...
Part# AUC4818   More Details...


Vac Tube Su Carb

Vacuum Tube For Su Carb
Part# AUC8471   More Details...


Hif Float Bowl Lid Seal

Hif (All) Float Bowl Lid 'o' Ring
Part# AUD3588   More Details...


Hif44 - Red Piston Spring 4.5oz. @1.53"

Piston Spring For Hif44 4.5 Oz. @ 1.530", Red (Also Hif38) Wire Dia. 0.048"
Part# AUD4355   More Details...


Hif44 8OZ Yellow Piston Spring 8 Oz 1.53

Hif44, Piston Spring, 8OZ @ 1.530" 0.055 Wire Dia. Yellow.
Part# AUD4398   More Details...


Su Hif6 Service Kit (1) Carb

Su Hif6 Service Kit (1) Carb, Jet, Gaskets, Seals, Washers, Needle & Seat, Shaft Seals, Includes Rebuild Instructio...
Part# CSK17   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Hif38 Type Su Service Kit, (1x Carb)

Hif38 Type, Su Service Kit, For 1 Carburetor, Includes Jet (White) All Gaskets, Seals, Needle & Seat,
Part# CSK94   More Details...