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Hs6 STD Su Throttle Shaft, Std. Dia.

Throttle Shaft, Hs6 Standard Diameter, Sometimes Just Putting In A New Shaft Is All You Need To Fix Clearance Issue...
Part# TS-HS6S   More Details...


Hif44 T/SHAFT STD OD 2x Thread Ends

Throttle Shaft, Hif44, 0.31" Od, 4.86" Oal, 3.65"l. Center Section, Threaded On Both Ends Of Shaft, Available With ...
Part# WZX1173   More Details...


Fully Adjustable HS Su Type Float

Adjustable HS Su Type Float, Nitrophyl, Replaces Wzx1304 & Wzx1300, Adjust by Bending Tab For Required Fuel Level ...
Part# WZX1300-A   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

Spring Choke Cable Clip

Spring Choke Cable Clip, Use With Hif Heat Shield CP-??
Part# CZK6491   More Details...


Cable Clip For Hif Heat Sheild

Clip Hold's Choke Cable To Hif Heat Shields #CP-00 /CP-02
Part# HIF-CLIP   More Details...


Hs2 Spacer W/VAC Fitting

1 1/4 Su Hs2 Or H2 Manifold Spacer With Vac Fitting, 0.295" (7.5mm) Thick
Part# MFA132   More Details...


H4/HS4/HIF4/HIF38 Spacer W/VAC Fit

1 1/2 Su H4/HS4/HIF4/HIF38 Manifold Spacer With Vac Fitting For Distributor, 0.295" (7.5mm) Thick
Part# MFA338   More Details...


HS6/HIF6/44 Vac Spacer

1 3/4 Su HS6/HIF6/HIF44 Manifold Spacer With Vac Fitting, 0.250" (6.3mm) Thic
Part# MFA446   More Details...


Long Nylon Throttle Cable

Long Nylon Throttle Cable, Over 5" Longer Than Std, O.k For Weber Or Su Fittings
Part# TC-85L   More Details...


Hs2 Carb to Intake Manifold Gasket

Hs2 Carburetor To Intake Manifold Gasket
Part# AUC4275   More Details...