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Linkage Arm - Fast IDLE/STOP Lever For H Type Carbs (Requires 2x Adjusting SCREWS/SPRINGS) Pinned To Shaft
Part# AUC4713   More Details...


HS/H/HD Dash Pot Spring 18OZ BLUE/RED

HS/H/HD Dash Pot Spring 18OZ @3.875" BLUE/RED, Also HIF4/6 (Strongest Available). We Find Damper Springs Are Most E...
Part# AUC4818   More Details...


Choke Link 'starlock' Retainer

Choke Link Starlock Retaining Clip Used On Bent Wire Type Links For Retention, Sold Each
Part# AUC5002   More Details...


Su Clevis Pin W/STAR

Clevis Pin With Star Securing Clip
Part# AUC5009   More Details...


Copper Washer, (H Hold Up Bolt)

Copper Washer, For H Float Bowl Hold Up Bolt
Part# AUC5026   More Details...


Fibre Washer ( H Hold Up Bolt)

Fibre Washer ( H Hold Up Bolt)
Part# AUC5027   More Details...


NUT/STUD Type Cable Connector

Cable Connector Pin Type, Nut And Washer Fixing
Part# AUC5062   More Details...


Su Suction Chamber Damper Piston Assem.

Su Suction Chamber Damper Piston Assemble, H, Hd, Hs, HIF4/6
Part# AUC8102   More Details...


Su PISTON/DAMPER Assem Hex Brass Cap

Su PISTON/DAMPER Assembly Hex, Polished Brass Cap
Part# AUC8102HB   More Details...


Damper Piston Assembly

Suction Chamber Damper Piston Assembly For Hs6, Black Top
Part# AUC8103   More Details...


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