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Su Long Clevis Pin (Long)

Su Carb Long Clevis Pin - Split (Cotter) Pin Type, Use With Eye Bolt And Cast Head Jet Assemblies.0.184" Diameter, ...
Part# AUC2108   More Details...


H Type Jet Assy. Cork Gland

H Type Jet Assembly Cork Gland
Part# AUC2118   More Details...


Out of Stock (call for availability)

H Type Jet Bearing Cork Seal

H Type Jet Bearing Cork Seal
Part# AUC2120   More Details...


Su Upper Bearing Copper Seal

Su Upper Bearing Copper Seal, H Type, Goes Between Top Jet Bearing And Main Body. (Because Of The Potential For A P...
Part# AUC2122   More Details...


Fibre Washer, (T4 Float Bowl)

Fibre Washer, H Type, Top Side Of Hold Up Bolt For Some Applications, 0.868" Od, 0.460" Id
Part# AUC2130   More Details...


H/HD Su Fuel Inlet Filter

H, HD Type Su, Fuel Inlet Filter Assembly
Part# AUC2139   More Details...


Su Banjo Bolt Fibre Washer (All)

Su Banjo Bolt Fibre Washer (All) 2x Required Per Carb, Aluminum Version Aud2374
Part# AUC2141   More Details...


Su Dash Pot Screw Brass

Su Dash Pot Screw, Brass Alternate To Steel Screw Part Number Jxz1394 Can Also Be Used For HS Type Float Chamber Li...
Part# AUC2175   More Details...


H/HD Type Right Hand Throttle Stop Lever

H, HD Type Right Hand Throttle Stop Lever, 5/16" Dia. Bronze, For Left Hand Stop See Aud2198 (For Shafts That Work...
Part# AUC2199   More Details...


Su Clevis Pivot Pin (Short)

Clevis Pivot Pin To Be Used With Auc2108, H Type Carbs, 0.185" Diameter. Under Head Length To Center Of Drilled Cot...
Part# AUC2381   More Details...