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SU HS6 Service Kit Pair SU Carburetors : SU Gaskets, Service & Rebuild Kits
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SU HS6 Service Kit Pair

Service Kit Pair HS6

HS6 Service Kit, Pair, MGC, TR7, 2500TC, Gaskets, Seals, Jets. Needles Sold Seperately

Manufacturer: SU Parts
Part No: CSK63
List Price: 
$107.59  EA
Your Price: 
$101.50  EA
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Special Notes

SU Kit Information -Detailed Blow Up Drawings of H, HS, HD & HIF Type Carburetors Showing Which Parts Are Included In The SU Gasket, Service, & Rebuild Kits.

SU Kit Differences -See The Actual Kit Differences In SU Gasket, Service, Rebuild & Sundrie Kits.  Examples Are Given For Gasket, Service, & Rebuild Kits.  Sundrie Kits Are Shown For H, HS, HD & HIF Type Carburetors.

All SU Carburetor Dimensions, Including Flanges  -All The Necessary Information Needed For Custom Flanges, So That Carburetor Fits the First Time!

Flow bench or dyno data maybe available for the parts you are interested in. Some of our data was recorded by computer before the days of Windows, DOS, or Bill Gates, anybody remember CPM? However, new documents are being saved as emailable PDF documents everyday.  Please Call

DAVID VIZARD If you would like to speak to him. or if you have a book you would like signed. The venue is:- Class 'A' Performance, 2370 Clawiter Rd., Hayward, Ca., 94545 Date:- January 31st. Doors open at mid-day. My seminar is from 2.00-3.000 pm. Q&A starts from about 3.30 pm and goes until the doors close at 7.00 pm. The seminar is free as are the hamburgers. for details go to:- Although this is a speed shop focusing on V8 stuff the owner is fine with any mini enthusiasts who might want to have me sign books talk about Mini’s etc. Also I will have a limited number of my new cylinder head books there for sale. This title shows how I built a professional grade flow bench for $150 (in todays money) over a week end and tested my Mini heads. All this happened in 1958! Thanks David, DV

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